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Badi Malika Temple

Abhishek Subedi June 3, 2020

Badi Malika Temple is the major temple of Nepal dedicated to Bhagwati the goddess of power. It is one of the important religious sites of Nepal where 1000 pilgrims gather around every year to offer their devotion and praying. The temple is served by the two priests, one from Kalikot district and another from Bajura district.  It is about a 2 to 3 days difficult trek from the Martadi. It is at the top of the hill surrounded by the beautiful grasslands, hills and Himalayas. The temple is the small white temple built in the pagoda style and there are huge bells hung outside the temple premises. Chaturdashi is the major annual function celebrated in the temple with huge joys and happiness.

Badi Malika Temple
Badimalika temple in Bajura. Photo: Prakash Singh/THT

Location of Badi Malika Temple

The temple is located in the Triveni Municipality of Bajura District of Sudurpaschim pradesh. The location of the temple is itself very challenging and difficult but it has not stopped pilgrims to reach this temple. Set in the beautiful Triveni region the temple has great religious and traditional significance in the Hindu religion.

History of the Badi Malika Temple

According to Hindu Myths, when the father of Sati Devi, Daksha Prajapati was performing a yagrya, he invited all gods except Mahadev to the ceremony. So Sati went to her father’s yagya ceremony and asked him why he did not invite her husband. He began making fun of him in front of the whole guest. He answered that Mahadev drank alcohol, smoked cannabis, slept in cemeteries, wore a serpent around his neck, had dreadlocks, covered his body with ash and wore a tiger. Hence, he was not a suitable person to come to such an important yagya.  Unable to withstand such an insult to her husband, Sati jumped into the yagya fire and gave up her life. Mahadev was so furious by the death of her beloved wife, he sent Virbhadra and Bhoot Gana to kill Daksha Prajapati and destroy the yagya. 

After extracting his vengeance, Mahadev started to mourn over his dead  wife’s body . He travelled the world carrying the body of the Sati on his back. During this time, Vishnu released his Sudarshan Chakra and wounded Sati’s body so that it could be infested by insects and rot. The Sati’s body part started to fall from the body and wherever her body part fell became shakti peethas and places of devotion. In this process, her left shoulder fell in Mallaguri Mountain. This Mallagiri was then called as the Malika.

There is also another myth surrounding the story of this beautiful and magnificent temple. After the Devi killed the monster named Mahisasur, she rested in the place called ”Dwaredhunga” of Kalikot. One day a low caste person went to the hills to collect the firewood, he felt hungry and asked the goddess for some meat and bread. The goddess gave him plenty of meat and bread which he could not finish by himself. So he decided to arrange a feast in his home and started to call his relatives. Since his house was far away from the spot, he yelled for them from the hills. But the relatives could not hear them and nobody joined him. He was very much frustrated and he blurted out a request to Goddess to kill everyone in his house.

 When he arrived home carrying all the food with him, he saw all his family members dead. He got so angry with the goddess and again went back to Dwaredhunga. But the goddess closed the doors of the temple and escaped. The man knocked on the door very hard. It is said that the imprint of the blow that the angry man gave to the door of the temple can still be seen. Because of this event, the goddess forever left the temple, passing through Triveni, Pachpur Patan, Mallapuri Patan and finally settling in Badimalika. The pilgrims always take this route while coming to the temple.

Major Festivals of Badi Malika Temple

Every year there is a big fair at this temple during the month of the Bhadra according to the lunar calendar. The temple is crowded by the pilgrims at this fair. Many devotees from all over the world and neighbouring countries of India come here to offer their worship and prayers.  The pilgrims believed that if they pray here with the true heart at the temple their wishes will be fulfilled. There are two important festivals that are celebrated in this temple; Ganga Dashara and Janai Purnima.

Tourist attraction

It is also the major tourist attraction Nepal as it offers the perfect trekking trail for them. To get to the temple, it is about one day of trekking. The trail is a narrow path in the vast green land. There are many ponds and small caves throughout the journey. The cows and horses grazing at the grassland give different kinds of pleasure to the mind and soul. As we go up the fog surrounds the hill which is like any scene from the movie. The top of the hill where the main shrine of the temple is located , it offers a clear and perfect view of the landscapes, hills and mountain ranges. The trekking to this temple will give you the harmonious and peaceful feeling to the mind, soul and heart. During this trek, travellers can get the glimpse of wild flowers and various domestic animals like sheep, goats, horses and buffaloes grazing on the green hills.

Badi Malika Temple

How to get there

Badimalika Temple can be reached by trekking for 2- 3 days from Martandi, the headquarter of Bajura District. The temple is at the remote location and the route to the temple is not well developed. There are not any restaurants, hotels and lodges so travellers have to take their own food and lodging equipment.

  • By Roadways

Badimalika temple can be reached by taking a bus to Banka Bazaar of Budhiganga Municipality . And from here take the ride to the Triveni Municipality either take the More Kailash Mandu route or Maure Chhatara route. Maure Kailashmandu route following the Nateshwori temple route is considered to be the shortest route. You can also reach Badimalika from Martandi route which is at least 2 hours further from Bamka Bazaar Station. Travellers have to first go to Dhangadhi or Nepalgunj or Tikapur to take the direct bus to Martadi.

  • By Airways

A  domestic flight from Nepalgunj to Bajura airport is also available. From Kolti, travellers have to trek about a day to reach the Martadi, the headquarters of Bajura district which is the longer way. Nowadays, flights from Dhangadhi and Nepalgunj are available to the Sanphebagar of Achham. From there a few hours of bus ride will take you to Bajura.


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