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Anisha Rauniyar July 29, 2020

Awadhi food is a gastronomic encounter like no other. Similarly as the exciting history of Awadh, this food has its very own sample which is deliberately depicted by Annapurna’s Ghar-e-Kebab. With its intriguing fixings and tongue stimulating flavors, this unique at Ghar-re-Kebab, will take you to the roads of Lucknow and give a sample of its best food.

The intriguing thing about Awadhi food is the utilization of rich fixings like sheep, paneer, and finely grounded flavors like cardamom and saffron cooked in an exceptional Dum style. Official Chef Aagha depicts it as the food of royals, wealthy in sustenance and completely delightful.

Kathmandu inhabitants would now be able to get an opportunity to taste some bona fide Awadhi food at Ghar-e-Kebab. The menu joins wide scopes of Awadhi dishes-from flavorsome neharis to gooey paneer tikkas. Their spread comprises of expand dishes like dahi kabab, murgh koofta kabab, nehari gosht and so forth.

Galauti kabab is a fan-top pick. A sheep glue marinated with exceptional spices, shallow singed on a hot frying pan, this dish is extremely enticing that you can simply swallow it up. Dorashi kabab is another must-attempt dish which is a blend of chicken meat and lamb meat. Murgh chaap, marinated chicken leg shallow singed and cooked with sauce, alongside stew paratha is ideal for the principle course.Additionally, chicken kofta serves and an ideal side dish and yes it is as extravagant as it sounds.

The whole platter is very filling and you can’t resist the urge to request seconds

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