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Archale: Full of metamorphosis

Anisha Rauniyar May 11, 2020

The metamorphosis of Archale–from a derelict village to a top website of ‘literary pilgrimage’–is nearly complete. Archale is where Lekhnath Poudyal, revere as the father of contemporary Nepali poetry, was born in mid1880s. Over his lifetime, the poet laureate, or Kavishiromani, publish about a dozen anthologies, all of which are extensively view across Nepal. For their convenient lyrical best however with profound philosophical underpinnings. And these verses are what welcome one to the quaint village of Archale.Which stays unsullied via modernity even although it’s just about seven kilometres off from Pokhara.

At the very first contact, Archale offers an unmistakably pastoral, even ancient, vibe. A crisply cobbled pavement cuts through a well-tended garden and leads one to an historic thatched-roof house. The pavement is line up with brick pillars that incorporate antiquated stone plaques with resonant verses. And up on the porch lie Syakhu, Dhiki and Janto–tools the farmers use to grind corn. By the part of the courtyard is a tiny structure containing the holy Tulasi (basil) tree.


Just under the renovated thatched-roof residence developed as a museum to commemorate the poet. This whole vicinity is fence with wire to shield the gardens and other monuments that harken lower back to the poet’s life and times. The gardens are decorate with the poet’s verses carve onto pillars and a close by pond and chautari mimic the pastoral motifs of the poet’s verses.


The museum hosts artefacts associated to the poet’s life and work. Most of the substances in the museum are the equal substances that the poet used over his lifetime. “We hook up the museum by using researching the poet’s residence, the materials he use and the records of his published and unpublished texts,” said Bishwo Prakash Lamichhane, a member of the Lekhnath Birthplace Development Committee, which is tasked with the renovation works.

Along with the museum, there’s a conference corridor which hosts literary gatherings, whilst some other constructions, such as a guest house, are present process on in the premises.

The first time will be interest with the aid of the splendor of the surrounding: in an idyllic rural setting, Archale has converted into a tourism hotspot that overlooks the mesmerising view of mountains and lakes. Archale has played host to literary features of late. (On December 16, one of the classes of Pokhara’s 8th version of Nepal Literature Festival was perform here.) Moreover, writers have began to go to Archale to write their works.



You have to journey round 15 to 20 minutes (7km north) from Arghau Chok to reach Archale.


There are two hotels in Archale. Your nice option would be Archale Village Home.


Organic ingredients (daal, rice) and inexperienced veggies consisting of local poultry and dishes made of fish.


Rs 1,000 to 1,200 per character per night.


Visit Thulakot which provides an top notch panoramic view of the Pokhara Valley. Also Mountain levels capped with snow, and the rolling hills of Syangja, Lamjung, and Tanahun.

“Archale was once an obscured destination in the past, however today, it has shed its skin”.

  • Highest Elevation: 1425m
  • Lowest Elevation: 1170m
  • Population: 2,373 (1991)


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