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Annapurna Temple

Anisha Rauniyar June 14, 2020

Annapurna is the God of paddy. It has been accepted that some time ago a man was conveying Annapunra kalash on his back, when he came to Ason, he was drained enough for a break. He, for a second, kept kalash (by and by Annapurna Temple) to take rest. Having taken enough rest, he chose to stroll for his goal, yet when he attempted to convey kalash back, he couldn’t do as such. He chose to leave the kalash in its place and played out a custom puja and left for his goal. The Kalash stayed there for quite a long time and directly Annapurna Temple was started in this structure. During full moon days, nearby individuals of Ason make the state of Annapurna kalash with various types of food things which is interesting.

annapurna temple

Other than Annapurna Temple, the most well known sanctuary, the busiest and most seasoned shopping place in Kathmandu. The spot has different shops where one can purchase a wide range of products, staple goods, vegetables, flavors, and different fixings required for adoring Gods, and the fixings required for ceremonial works. The spot holds the most number of shops and various clients and class individuals bringing energetically condition and benevolent environment. Ason is similarly popular for its conventional and social way of life of the individuals. A portion of the sanctuaries in Ason are Annapurna (or Asonmaru Ajima), Lord Ganesh, Stone Fish, Lord Narayan, Shree Kumari, Lord Uma-Maheshwore, and Chawoso Ajima.

Different strict motorcades and parades are gone through Ason that snatches many individuals consideration in that piece of the town. There is in every case a type of strict and social celebrations engaged in Ason the entire year that keeps the nearby occupied. A portion of the Ason Tole’s own celebrations are Asanchalan and God’s battling (Dye Lwakegu, newari wording). Ason has numerous patios (bahals) and some of them are named as Ason Baha, Dhalasikwa Baha and so forth. There are bunches of associations in Ason, for example, Annapurna Sewa Samiti, Leo club of Ason, etc. Individuals from various social foundation live in Ason. Newars are the most popular one and a large portion of them are businesspeople. Ason Tole is relatively evolved with offices including emergency clinic, universities, schools, shopping edifices.

Stone Fish Temple: The fantasy about the Stone Fish Temple is likewise exceptionally charming one. Once there was a renowned tantric who anticipated that this Fish would fall just before Lord Ganesh Temple. In any case, his child, likewise a tantric, predicated that the elements, for example, wind would make the fish fall tad left before Lord Ganesh Temple. The current perception demonstrates that Tantric’s child probably won the predication. Numerous social celebrations are engaged in Ason.


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