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Corona Update Nepal


Anisha Rauniyar July 1, 2020

Anaikot is a peak arranged in Kavre locale, only close to Kathmandu. So this can be perhaps the best spot to visit close by Kathmandu. Anaikot is a little commercial center that lies in Panchkhal district of Kavre. In any case, what we’re discussing here is the Anaikot see tower. The view tower has transformed this spot into a spot worth visiting. Besides, it has made this spot discoverable. It has brought spotlight upon this superb spot with brilliant perspectives all around.

Ends of the week are intended for the recovery of the spirit. Ends of the week accompany the energy and leave with newness. Who wouldn’t have any desire to make their end of the week extraordinary? As a movement devotee, making something energizing consistently includes an excursion for me. In feverish days, a brief end of the week outing can be a guardian angel of the existence snared with the schedules. We were searching for a brief end of the week trip that could give us a getaway from the solid wilderness into nature. We found an ideal close by goal, Anaikot, Kavre. Subsequent to becoming more acquainted with about this spot, our brief end of the week excursion to Anaikot started one early Saturday morning.

Our excursion for Anaikot started as an end of the week escape from the city. We were wanting to arrive on bicycle with eight individuals, on four bicycles. We began from Bhaktapur. The course to Anaikot experiences a few little towns of Kavre. Our first stop after we left should be at Nala. Nala is a little town that reaches out from western piece of Kavre to Bhaktapur. Nala is likewise renowned for the Nala gumba, a wonderful cloister living on a quiet slope of the area. From Nala, there is a street stretching out to reach upto Banepa. You can get that street and a couple of kilometers ahead, there is another street connecting for Anaikot. That is the street to be taken.

anaikot view tower
View tower

When you push forward headed straight toward Anaikot, the street begins to get uneven. So ensure that your vehicle is in acceptable condition in case you’re intending to go on. On the off chance that you are intending to climb, everything is great. The further you go, the greener everything gets. There are little towns all around with old houses and sanctuaries dispersed everywhere. As you move further into the more profound timberland track, the trilling of feathered creatures and the virus air causes everything to feel new and excellent. It takes around 2/3 hours to reach Anaikot from Nala in case you’re on bicycle. On the off chance that you are arranging a climb to Anaikot, an entire day is required.

Anaikot see tower is situated at the head of Anaikot slope. The view tower is six celebrated and the perspectives on entire Kavre, Bhaktapur and furthermore a few pieces of Kathmandu. The view from the top truly causes you to feel overpowered with the magnificence of everything around us that we generally pass up a great opportunity to figure it out. The thick backwoods beneath and the slopes all over is a serious view to see. Likewise, on the off chance that you figure out how to jump on a sunny morning, you can see tremendous mountain scopes of the eastern district. The entire Langtang area is seen unmistakable and clear from here. It is said that even Mt. Everest can be seen from here on a sunny morning. The gleaming mountains all around and the thick woodlands beneath is actually a glorious thing to see from Anaikot. This spot can likewise be an extraordinary spot for outdoors and little picnics. This spot is generally segregated and you can appreciate the nature in absolute quiet.

In the wake of getting overpowered into the excellence of nature for not many hours, we chose to return. In spite of the fact that our spirits felt home there, we needed to get back. Be that as it may, this is the thing about voyaging, regardless of whether you get back home, you bring a little piece of the new spot with you in your spirit. You keep it with you perpetually and get entranced with the excellence now and again.


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