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Alu Ko Aachar

Abhishek Subedi May 19, 2020

Alu ko Aachar (Potato pickle) is a typical Nepali dish which has been enjoyed from the generations to generations. It is a very easy and simple dish made with the boiled potatoes and spices that are available in our home. Alu aachar is enjoyed as the snack or the main dish. It is typically made in Nepalese home during the special occasions or rituals. It is also provided to the farmers working in the field with bitten rice or popcorn. This dish is mainly served during the Dashain and Tihar.

alu ko aachar


  • Potatoes 1 kg
  • Sesame powder 3 tbsp
  • Green chillies 100gm
  • Lemon 2
  • Mustard oil
  • Turmeric powder 1 tbsp
  • Salt according to taste
  • Chilli powder 1tbsp
  • Fenugreek seed (methi ) 1 tbsp
  • Water to boil potatoes
  • Cilantro


To make alu ko aachar first boil the potatoes . After boiling the potatoes peel  them and cut the potatoes in big chunks. Heat the mustard oil in the pan and add the fenugreek seed , turmeric and green chillies and turn of the heat immediately after adding the chillies. Pour the oil mixture on the potatoes and add all the spices. You can add chilli powder according to the heat and spiciness of your preference. Squeeze the lemon juice of the 2 lemons and add it in the potatoes. Mix all the ingredients in the potatoes really well so every potatoes get the equal amount of spices. You can add water according to the gravy you want in the pickle or you can make the pickle dry also according to your choice. At last garnish the pickle with cilantro to make it look presentable and tasty. The pickle is ready to serve and it can be enjoyed with the rice, bitten rice, popcorn or flat bread.

Potato pickle is an easy and simple dish to enjoy at home. It can be also taken as the salad during the summer season to cool off the heat.


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