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5 Things To Do In Kirtipur

Anisha Rauniyar August 1, 2020

Kirtipur, an antiquated city of Kathmandu found 5km southwest of the Valley. It is one of the most socially rich spots to visit when in Nepal. Individuals are attract to this spot because of its entrancing sanctuaries and to encounter its rich culture and legacy.

Here are a portion of the things you can do in Kirtipur.

Visit the Bagh Bhairab Temple and Uma Maheswor Temple

Bagh Bhairab Temple is devote to the most brutal symbol of Lord Shiva as a tiger. This sanctuary was build somewhere in the range of 1099 and 1126 AD by King Shiva Deva-the organizer of Kirtipur. The forcing Bagh Bhairab Temple includes an inconceivable ordnance of blades and shields. This sanctuary is bless to Hindus and is view as the ‘Watchman god’ of Kirtipur.

baag bhairab kirtipur

The sanctuary of Uma Maheswor is situate on head of the Kirtipur Hill. This three-story Shiva Parvati sanctuary otherwise call Bhavani-Shankar sanctuary was initially work in 1673 AD and later reestablish after it was harm in the tremor of 1934 AD. It is monitor by two stone elephants, deck out in spiked seats to debilitate youngsters from sitting on them.

Taudaha (The pool of snakes)

Taudaha is a little lake in the edge of Kathmandu. The name originates from a mix of Newari words ‘Ta’ which means snake and ‘Daha’ which means lake. It is accept that during his journey from Mount Wutai, Lord Manjushree saw a lotus bloom in the focal point of the incredible lake, which discharged splendid brilliance. He at that point cut the slope top at Chobhar by framing a crevasse to empty the water from the lake with his flaring blade to deplete the lake.

taudaha kirtipur

Where the lotus blossom settled turned into the incomparable ‘Swayambhunath Stupa’ and in this way the valley got livable. Taudaha is the extra pool of the immense lake that once existed. Another fascinating piece of the legendary history of Taudaha is that during the cutting of the slope numerous Nagas (fanciful animals that were half human and half snake) went destitute so making the game plan for the lord of snakes, the divine beings mentioned Bhimsen to put the Nagas in Taudaha.

Chilancho Vihar and Nagar Mandap Shri Kirti Vihar

The dignify stupa, Chilancho Vihar was work in the sixteenth century and is situate on the southern tip of the slope. This stupa is encircle by different Chaityas and fronted by a mammoth Vajra (thunderclap) image. Nagar Mandap Sri Kirti Vihar is a Theravada Buddhist religious community in Kirtipur. It was fabricate utilizing customary Thai structural style in 1975. The religious community highlights models of the four hallowed spots in Buddhism; Lumbini, Bodhgaya, Sarnath, and Kushinaga.

Dev Pukku

This old illustrious region is one of the most beguiling spots in Kathmandu. Dev Pukku is the place Kirtipur’s principle water source is take care of by underground water. To the tank’s left is the very much saved previous Royal Palace. It’s all nearby convenience now and it’s an incredible view on a late spring’s day to see individuals sitting at the old Newari style windows (Sanjhya), watching out.

Go for the Newari Food

On the off chance that you solicit any local people from Kathmandu what they review when they hear Kirtipur is without a doubt the Newari Food. Kirtipur is a popular goal for legitimate Newari food serve by the neighborhood network. There are various eateries serving nearby Newari food. A portion of the food you should definitely not pass up a great opportunity are; Baji set, Choela (broiled or marinated meat), Bhutan (singed digestive tract), Chatamari (Newari Pizza) and obviously Mo: Mo (Nepali dumplings).


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