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Lapchi Kang Milarepa Cave Trek

Abhishek Subedi August 8, 2020

Lapchi Kang Milarepa Cave Trek allows a full experience of this visually extraordinary and geographically isolated area, hugely rich in flora, wildlife and folklore, yet almost never visited by tourists or scientists. Lapchi Kang is a small Himalayan range lying like a twisted backbone jammed between the road to Tibet and the huge himalayan valley of Rowaling Himal. It is restricted and tucked away enough to be ignored by the tourists and yet not high enough to entice mountaineers. Somewhere in this isolated wilderness, Milarepa-an ancient Tibetan magician, went into retreat, lived in a cave, ate stinging nettles and slowly turned green! The maze of twisted hills, rock spires and sheer cliffs that make the landscape from Ama Bamare Himal to Lapchi Karhka gives the snow leopard a perfect habitat for survival. 

This trek follows the Tama Khosi river from Jagat to Lamanabagar where we turn off the main trail and head up through dense bamboo and cloud forest to an isolated pocket of Lapchi Kang under the unclimbed rock spire of Ama Bamare and the awesome rock face of Kookur Raja Darra ( King Dog Ridge ). Milarepa is a great figure in the Tibetan Buddhism who once was the most famous yogi and poet in Tibet. The followers of Tibetan Buddhism and the Vajrayana Buddhism have high regards for Saint Milarepa and they follow his teachings and the paths of Buddhism. On the other hand, wherever Milarepa has been to and meditated in order to attain the enlightenment and to subdue the demons too, he has left his prints which means such places are where those having deep faiths in him travel to and to find his remains. 

Lapchi Kang Milarepa Cave Trek

About the Trek

There are many isolated caves in the Nepal Himalayas where holy Milarepa enjoyed meditating in the isolation and wilderness mainly referred to as the Milarepa cave. Out of many Milarepa caves, we are going to explore the most hidden and unexplored cave in the Nepal Tibet border which has been covered with the mainstream trails and destinations for a long time now. Milarepa Cave and Lapchi Kang Trekking is an interesting and exploring journey to the Himalayan foothills of Nepal which lets you visit one of the oldest monasteries Lapchi Kang as well as the hidden cave dedicated to the Lord Milarepa, Milarepa Cave. Inside the Milarepa Cave lies the bronze statue of saint Milarepa which is very sacred to the Buddhist. People believe that the figure was crafted by his sincere disciple Rechungpa with his master’s nosebleed and preserved it until the end of his lifetime. 

Significantly, one can find the ancient stone which was brought from the holy site of Milarepa’s death. The Lapchi Kang monastery was saved despite the Cultural Revolution in Tibet mainly due to its location being inside the Nepal border. The amazing landscape of Ama Bamare Himal to the Lapchi Khadka gives the snow leopard the perfect habitat for survival. According to the ancient literature of Hindus and Tibetan Buddhism, there are three holy mountains in Jambudivpa and they are MT Kailash, Mt Tsari, and Mt Lapchi Kang. Holy Lapchi Mountain is situated in the eastern part of Nepal at an elevation of about 4850m. Joining this spiritual trek you will get spiritual peace and eternal happiness. Explore the Mount Lapchi Kang and Milarepa Cave once in a Lifetime. 

Best time to trek

Spring and Autumn season is considered best to do trekking in Nepal and so is for this trek. Spring falls between March to May in Nepal. During the Spring season the climate here gets warmer and stable. Flowers in the Lapchi Valley start to bloom. While trekking you can see the blooming colorful flowers on the way. The awe-inspiring views of snow mountains will add more excitement to your journey. Moreover, you will also get a wonderful opportunity to witness various wildlife. Well, Autumn is the peak tourist season in Nepal. Autumn lasts from September to November in Nepal. The dry and clear weather during this month increases the visibility of the mountains and the surrounding environment. Next to the Spring, it is really the best season to do Lapchi Kang Milerapa Cave Trek.

It is possible to do the trek in the Summer and winter season also. However, doing the trekking during these months means you will have to face various troubles and risks on your way. During the summertime, the temperature gets hotter. In addition, the heavy rains increase the risks of flooding in the Valley. Also, Lapchi trekking in the winter season, there is a risk of heavy snowfall that may cause a serious problem.

Permit for Lapchi Kang Milarepa Cave Trek

As Lapchi Trekking is protected by the Gaurishankar Conservation Area so, Gaurishankar Conservation Area(GCA) special permit is required for Lapchi Kang and Milarepa Trek. Further, you should also carry the Trekkers Information Management System(TIMS) card. 

Day 1 Drive from Kathmandu to Lamabagar

Around 8 hours of a drive from Kathmandu, we will reach Lamabagar. Today we stayed overnight on the riverbank of Tamakoshi under the tent camp. 

Lapchi Kang Milarepa Cave Trek

Day 2 Trek to Lapchi Khola

Crossing the Jum Khola by the bridge on the Tibet border we head towards Lapchi Khola from Lamabagar. After crossing the Jum Khila bridge we will cross the Lapchi bridge. Next to the river, I will stay overnight under tented camps. On the way, we will pass through the bamboo forest, dense, steep stream gullies. 

Day 3 Trek to Lapchi Village

On this day we will follow the fast-flowing stream under the shadow of Mt Gaurishankar to reach Lapchi Village. On arrival to the Lapchi Village, you can visit the Lapchi Kang Monastery. You can also observe some houses in this village. Most of the houses here are made up of the stone wall with a tin roof. The main occupation of the people living here is Yak herding. 

Day 4 Explore Lapchi Kang Village and Visit MIlarepa Cave

Today we will visit the Lapchi Kang Village. We will start trekking to reach the Milarepa Cave (4300m). Walking into the mountains we can witness Himalayan Thar. If we are lucky then we can take a glimpse of Blue Sheep also. Exploring this place you can witness the footprints of Milarepa. 

Day 5 Explore Lapchi Kang Village and Visit Milarepa

Today we will visit the Lapchi Kang Village. We will start trekking to reach the Milarepa Cave (4300m). Walking into the mountains we can witness Himalayan Thar. If we are lucky then we can take a glimpse of Blue Sheep also. Exploring this place you can witness the footprints of Milarepa. 

Day 6 Trek to High Alpine Lakes

A steep hike up from the village we will get to see a series of small alpine lakes. Moreover, the stunning views down the Lapchi valley towards Lamabagar. Cherishing the views of surrounding snowy mountains we will set up the tent and stay the night here.

Day 7 Trek to Kharka Ground

On this day we will retrace the root back for a while and then we enter into the verdant forest under the spires of King Dog Mountain. 

Kharka Ground

Day 8 Trek to King Dong Kharka

Crossing the King Dong Kharka Ridge we will trek towards King Dong Kharka from Kharka Ground. Overlooking the Chandu Khola river far below we will walk on the forest. Across the river, we will stay for a night under a tent.

Day 9 Exploration Day at King Dong Kharka

Today we will visit the towering eastern face of Ama Bamarie or visit a high alpine lake. The charming beauty of this Himalayan landscape is truly outstanding. 

Day 10 Trek to Samling

We will trek to Samling from King Dog Kharka. Samling is the ruin of the mountain village. On this day you can admire the close view of King Dog Mountain and the west face of Mt Gaurishankar. 


 Day 11 Trek to Lamabagar

Today we will step down to Lamabagar. Walking through the forest you can observe the front view of Mt Gaurishankar. 

Day 12 Drive Back to Kathmandu Valley

Reminiscing of the wonderful journey of Lapchi Kang and Milarepa Cave Trek today we will drive back to Kathmandu from Lamabagar.


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